Capchase, a company that provides access to non-dilutive capital, has raised $280M in a mix of debt and equity. $50M was raised in a Series B round from the i80 Group and $230M in a debt round from undisclosed Investors.


  • Massachusetts-based Capchase helps firms acquire capital otherwise tied up in future predictable revenue payments. This enables companies to invest in growth without depleting cash reserves, acquiring debt, or give-up company equity. The company has also developed “programmatic funding initiatives” that allow funding to be distributed in increments to avoid paying interest on excess cash.
  • Capchase Expense Financing, its buy-now-pay-later platform, provides companies fixed installment payment options for its largest expenses such as legal fees, AWS hosting services, payroll, and recruitment.
  • Capchase states that customers save 16% on an average in dilution and grow 53% faster.
  • The company has over 400 customers including Hubspot, Mainstreet, Gusto,, and Negotiatus, among others.

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