The House Rules Committee has just announced that they will
resume their hearing on HR 7776 which is being used as the vehicle for the 2023
National Defense Authorization Act tomorrow morning at 11:30 am. While the
hearing was initially scheduled to be held yesterday, the Armed Services
Committees (both Senate and House) leadership had not yet finished their
negotiations on the substitute language that will be offered for HR 7776. That
final version of the substitute language was just post to the House Rules
Committee web site.

HR 7776 is currently the Water Resources Development Act of
2022. It was originally passed
in the House on June 8th, 2022. The Senate amended the bill and then
the revised version on July 28th, 2022. In both cases
there was strong bipartisan support for the version adopted.

A temporary change in House Rules was passed earlier today
allowing for floor consideration of bills on the same day that a rule was
approved for that consideration in the Rules Committee. This is a relatively
standard end of year move to allow quick consideration of must pass bills like
the NDAA.

I will be doing a more detailed look at the NDAA language,
but a quick scan of the Table of Contents of the proposed language shows that
the bill would include

• NDAA language (Divisions A thru E),

• Intel Authorization Act (Division

• Homeland Security language (Division

• Water Resources (probably the Senate
passed language from HR 7776) (Division H),

• 2023 Coast Guard Authorization
Act (Division K)

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