Moscow Says Ukrainian
Drones Hit Third Russian Airfield in Two Days
. article. Pull quote: “The attack on the Kursk airport, which was closed to civil
aviation after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, followed Monday’s 
strikes on Russian
strategic-bomber bases
Engels and Diagilevo. Both bases are hundreds of miles from
Ukrainian-controlled territory. Kursk is around 65 miles from the Ukrainian

North Carolina
Residents Could Be Without Power for Days After Targeted Gunfire Attack
. article. Still no who or why details. Pull quote: “The gunfire destroyed some of
the equipment in the substations which will have to be replaced, he said.”

Homeland Security
Advisory Council; Meetings
. Federal
meeting notice amendment. Part of today’s meeting was closed to public.

Gunshots at
substations cut electricity to 45,000; police seek motive
. article. A possible motive? “At Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines, drag queen Naomi
Dix was about to introduce a dance duo when the lights went out. At first, this
seemed normal, said Dix, who spoke to The Post on the condition that only her
stage name be used because she feared for her safety. The lights were supposed
to go dark at that point in the “Downtown Divas” drag show. Then Dix’s
assistant told her that the theater had no power.”

McConnell floats
short-term spending bill amid ‘significant impasse’
. article. Spending bill may still be kicked to 118th. Pull quote: ““We’re
at a pretty significant impasse,” McConnell told reporters on Tuesday. “Time is
ticking. We have not been able to agree on a top line yet, and I think it’s
becoming increasingly likely that we might need to do a short-term CR into
early next year,” McConnell continued, using the shorthand for continuing

Democrats make major
concession on vaccine mandate
article. Pull quote: “The bill, which lays out how an $847 billion Defense
Department top line will be allocated in fiscal 2023, is tentatively set to be
released as early as Tuesday evening and voted on by the House Thursday, Rogers

North Carolina power
cut by shooting could come back earlier
. article. And governments are still surprised at how easy it is… Pull quote: “North
Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called for a thorough assessment of the state’s
critical infrastructure Tuesday morning at the monthly Council of State meeting
— a collective body of elected officials comprising the executive branch. He
said this will likely include discussions with federal regulators, lawmakers
and utility companies about how to bolster security and prevent future attacks.”

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