Can someone help me? I will list what is happening with my mac.

– I chose Chrome to be my browser. I don’t use Safari anymore, but i know if I delete Safari from my macbook many problems can appear.
– When i’m using Chrome or just another program, Safari suddenly open and close. Together, an icon for another program appears. Every now and then, the same program changes its name, sometime it’s PropelSphere, CosmoLoop, QuanticFit, etc.

What I did to solve:
– I put the Malware Browser Guard extension in the Safari to prevent it from opening suddenly. But it does not work. The Safari browser still open.
– For antivirus I am using the VirusBarrier Scanner and is doing a pretty good job so far. Identifying that this program which is opening together with the Safari is the problem. I put them on the quarantine but the problem still persists.

What should I do?

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