The Anti-ChatGPT Appears? Researchers Fights Back With ‘DetectGPT’
To detect AI-generated text, Stanford researchers are proposing a new methodology “that leverages the unique characteristics of text generated by large language models (LLMs),” reports the tech-news site Neowin:

“DetectGPT” is based around the idea that text generated by LLMs typically hover around specific regions of the negative curvature regions of the model’s log probability function…. This method, called “zero-shot”, allows DetectGPT to detect machine written text without any knowledge of the AI that was used to generate it….
As the use of LLMs continues to grow, the importance of corresponding systems for detecting machine-generated text will become increasingly critical. DetectGPT is a promising approach that could have a significant impact in many areas, and its further development could be beneficial for many fields.
The article also includes its obligatory amazing story about the current powers of ChatGPT. “I asked it how to build an obscure piece of Linux software against a modern kernel, and it told me how. It even generated code blocks with the bash commands needed to complete the task.”
Then to test something crazier, Neowin asked ChatGPT to generate “a fictional resume for Hulk Hogan where he has no previous IT experience but wants to transition into a role as an Azure Cloud Engineer.

“It did that, too.”

Thanks to Slashdot reader segaboy81 for sharing the story.

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